Barranco de Masca on Tenerife

Barranco de Masca on TenerifeThe first time I accidentally caught up with information on Barranco de Masca on Tenerife,  I thought it would be one of the places I must visit on Tenerife! The live scene was even more amazing than the pictures! The village itself is very picturesque, though it consists of no more than a dozen houses, and for the transition through the gorge itself – I just have no words! Many tourists only reach the village but do not make the transition. Yes, the view of the village is murderous, and the road to it is a little adventure, but the four hours we have gone through the gorge are for me the most wonderful experience of the island!

Masca is a small village in the area of ​​Santiago del Teide, which was extremely isolated to the road that connects Santiago del Teide and Buena Vista del Norte in 1970. It is said to have been one of the last guards by the Spanish conquistadors because of their exceptional location. The village is about 600 meters above sea level and from there the ocean can be reached through the incredibly picturesque gorge – Barranco de Masca.Barranco de Masca on Tenerife

There are rumors that she was once a pirates’ hiding place. In the end, we happily waited for the bus and it was a good thing that we did not go on foot, that as we started an ascent and a downhill ride in the narrow road, a world immediately turned to us. The road is steeped in the hills, and its width is as large as one-lane one. In the places we met with cars, we had to go to special stops to get away.

The Masca village offers amazing landscapes and I think everyone on Tenerife Island should visit it! It is very green and different from the rest of the island. The land is terraced around and cultivated, crops grown around. If you decide to make the transition through the gorge, you can buy delicious, fresh fruits – bananas, papaya, oranges, raised here! As I said already, the village is not at all big, so there’s no way to go wrong from where the gorge runs. Barranco de Masca on Tenerife

It’s easy because it’s mostly downhill. Well, that’s not the case if you decide to go the road and back, because it’s about six kilometers of rough terrain. Some people walk it in both directions, we met, that’s the case if you came to a Mask with a car and you have to take it. The second option is to get from Los Gigantes to the beach of Masca by boat and go back. And the third, easiest option we’ve come to take is the path from the village to the sea and from there a boat is taken toBarranco de Masca on Tenerife 4 Los Gigantes. It is not a problem even if you do not have a reserved boat.

The price is generally 10 euro, but because we booked online there was a 20% discount and it cost us 8 euros per person. Nothing is paid in advance, and when we walked through the gorge, a guy from the company was waiting on the beach for my name and phone. In principle, there are organized excursions, but I do not think there is a need to go with one. All the more so that there is a certain pace of walking, which would not suit everyone.

For example, we like to chat, to shoot, to stop for breaks, so for us the transition lasts for nearly four hours, but if you set a good pace, it could take about 2 hours and a half. As for clothing – wear comfortable shoes – with flip flops and sandals, it’s not impossible, but I think it will be a bit difficult. The road has a mark, but it is rare. However, I do not think you can lose yourself because almost all the time the path is clearly visible!Barranco de Masca on Tenerife 5

You must carry water and food, because there is simply no place to take! There is a small river running through the ravine, so it is not very desirable to make a transition when it rains because some of the road may be flooded and it will also be very slippery and may become an accident! To our luck, we hit a great time! Marking is a good thing, but it would not be a bad idea to know what number it is! And as you walk through the high cliffs, the ocean suddenly appears, and you realize that a wonderful experience you did not want to end is over now!

We spent about an hour and a half of Playa de Masca and it was time to catch the boat to get back to civilization. No wonder there were really pirates hiding here, nowhere is a glimpse of the ravine!

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