Beatenberg beauty from the Alps

Beatenberg Alps

Beatenberg Alps

Beatenberg beauty from the Alps, located on a sunny terrace high above Lake Thun in Switzerland, the town of Beatenberg is a favorite recreation resort for nature lovers and families with children. Kiten and spiritual Beatenberg is for all admirers of the typical Alpine atmosphere. Beatenberg is about 1200 meters above sea level in the heart of the Swiss Alps in the Interlaken area of ​​the Bern canton. It is about 50 km from the capital of Bern, about 200 km from Liegno and about 25 km from the Swiss jewel Thun. Its main attraction is its geographic location – away from the hustle of the tourist stream (preferring coastal settlements) and offering unique panoramic views of the mountains and the three popular peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Today, Beatenberg is an impressive mountain resort with unspoilt authenticity that has everything typical of an alpine village. At your disposal are 10 hotels, about 100 holiday apartments and 10 villas, furnished for every taste and according to every need. And at very affordable prices. As far as your eyes are concerned, you will enjoy pristine green valleys, lush meadows and flowing streams. Permanent sun (about 7.5 hours on the shortest day of the year) shines the traditional “huts” of dark wood, and around them as a network unfolds about 30 km. marked trails for transitions. A rope will climb you up to Mount Neiderhorn at nearly 2,000 m above sea level to reveal breathtaking views of the mountain peaks and even more biking trails.

No less attractive and well equipped are the conditions for practicing winter sports. In addition to the five ski lifts serving 10 ski slopes and the cable car line, Beatenberg has a ski school, a 16 km skiing track, 38 km. paths and 7 km. a sled track, a natural winter slide and an indoor pool with sauna and solarium. However hard to believe it may be, its area of ​​about 30 square kilometers. Beatenberg has gathered a diverse palette of leisure activities.

All this, combined with excellent cuisine in cozy local restaurants, makes relaxation in the town complete.  At the same time it reveals another impressive panoramic view of Lake Thun and the three mountain princes. The cozy building is made of wood (including the interior) and besides a church hall with a magnificent body, since 1844 there is a room for classrooms. The visit of this paradise would not be a good one, however, if you did not pay the same attention to the above-mentioned Caves of St. Beatus. Located on the northeast shore of Lake Thun and entering deep into the Neiderhorn massif, they are considered to be the longest limestone cave system in Switzerland.

Open for visitors, it is about a kilometer (about 14km still under investigation), well lit and secure, which will take you through halls with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, stormy waterfalls, narrow passages, and even the remains of an ancient settlement. Again, at the entrance to the caves of St. Beatus, the tomb of the saint and his impressive architecture are waiting for you, the Augustinian monastery, whose cloister extends over a steep cascade of lush waterfalls.

To be able to absorb the magical power of the place, we recommend that you sit for a short break in the restaurant to the monastery, allowing the children to play at will in the specialized playground with a dramatic dragon slide. Although the Swiss Alps are proud of their many colorful villages (such as Muren, Thun, and St. Moritz), Beatenberg is quite different and, at the same time, traditional. It combines the finest qualities of all its companions, while not allowing imagination and interest to divert for a moment. There are many festivals and shows – shows, hiking, sports and fun activities, and all that the guests of the town want.

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