Capri Island splendor among the rocks

Capri port

Magical and enchantingly beautiful place

Capri Island splendor among the rocks or a magical and enchantingly beautiful place. The neighborhood of the rich and fulfilled dream of the mortals. Capri is a Roman city with a modern landmark. There are two options – to love or hate Capri. If you love the natural wonders, legends and the combination of exotic and ancient ruins, then this island is right for you. However, if you avoid loud, densely populated resorts, overcrowded hotels and restaurants and too much expense, better stay away from it.

Just because you step into Capri, the local atmosphere will conquer you so that you will not feel your portfolio thinner, the time is on the way, and you have so many places to visit. The very fact that the great Roman dynasty of Augustus has chosen the island of Capri as its residence speaks for itself. The wreath of old Roman roads, the remains of the many Roman villas and the preserved archaeological treasures will fill your time between shopping tours, tasting local delicacies and wines and dancing in nightclubs.

And if you have enough patience to stay a little longer in one place, you have the real chance to see countless countless stars from the world show business, who do not miss a chance to rest for a day or two in the luxuriation that offers the island of Capri. So do not forget the camera! Capri is a rocky island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, part of the Campania region in the province of Naples in southern Italy. To the north it borders the Neapolitan Gulf, and to the south, the Bay of Salerli. It is 36 km from Naples, 5 km from Sorrento and not far from the ancient Pompeii and the majestic Vesuvius.

Capri coast

Rocky island in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Capri has two cities, Capri, and the Anacapri plateau, and two ports – the main Marina Grande and the smaller Marina Piccola. Capri’s nature is a combination of dense vegetation, low mountains (the highest point is the Monte Monare area, 586 m high, from where a magnificent view of the whole island is revealed, and where the Brut fortress built at the beginning of the 19th century the time when the battles between England and France took place) and endless seaward with irresistibly beautiful bays and rock formations.

Traveling to Capri is easiest with a boat from nearby towns, and on the island there is a well-developed road network and a cable car to the central part of the city. Even today, there are disputes over who were the first settlers on the island of Capri. According to some 2000 years ago, fascinated by his beauty, the Roman Emperor Augustus decides to appropriate it, and his follower Tiberius makes it his home.

According to the biographical data of his life, Tiberius was famous for his scandalous behavior on the island. According to others, the first colonists of Capri were the Greeks.

Capri panorama

Capri’s landmark with modern sounds

They gave the name of the island (of Greek “caprice” – wild boar). In both cases, they have left their traces – today you can see the ruins of Tiberius villas and palace, the Caesar statue, the August garden, and the ancient terraces with panoramic views of the sea. A little later in the lands of Capri settled monks who built the monastery of San Giacomo in an attempt to protect the island from the Saracens.

During the Napoleonic wars, the French occupy the city of Anakapri. In 1826, during his visit to Capri, the German poet August Kopsi opens the Grotta Azzura, which in a short time turns the island into an attractive destination for artists, poets, writers, royal celebrities and celebrities. At the beginning of the 20th century the main port of Marina Grande was built and tourism became one of Capri’s main economic branches. Today, the island is known as the center of rich and celebrated people who feel in their own waters, surrounded by luxury, splendor and splendor.

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