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Gothic castle KarlstejnGothic castle Karlstejn is visited annually by about 200 000 tourists. It is located 13 km from Prague and if you do not have an organized excursion, you can reach it by train, which travels about 40 minutes. However, it is good to check in advance the working time for the season and the hours to visit as the Karlstejn Gothic Castle is viewed only with organized groups, with predominantly guided tours in Czech. I guess it will not be a problem for some people to join an existing group in English, but pre-booking will solve this problem before it arises. We left the bus in the parking lot of Karlstejn and we made a nice walk to the castle, which rises on a limestone rock over the settlement and the river Berounka.

There is a possibility to pay for transport, but the walk takes twenty minutes, and the road is not steep and very picturesque. You will walk through the streets with beautiful houses, dozens of local souvenir shops and dining venues. Also on the way you can make great pictures with a view of the castle in all its splendor. Gothic castle KarlstejnThe Czech Republic attracted me mainly with its castles – in a picture book I bought, there is a map with 120 Czech castles! Well, as I said, on this excursion I visited 5 of them, I still have 115 .

Part of these strongholds are in the form of ruins, but most are preserved and accessible to tourists. I hope to have the opportunity to visit others, the future will show. Today I will tell about one of the most famous Czech castles – the Gothic castle Karlstejn. The construction of the castle began in 1348 by the Czech king and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Karl IV and ended in 1385. Karlstejn was erected in order to be the royal treasury and there were kept the crowns of the empire and other treasures including jewelery from Bohemia and holy relics. The fortress was also used as the summer residence of Charles IV.

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For the tour there are three tours that include different parts of the castle. I noticed that this is characteristic of other Czech castles and palaces – there are several routes of different length and content, and to see everything you have to spend more money and a few hours of time. At Karlstejn, we were on the most popular tour that included the Imperial Palace and the Treasury. We examined the ruler’s rooms, the bedrooms, the dining rooms, the knights and guard rooms, the auditorium, the family portraits hall, and the dining room. The second tour includes the towers, the office of the architect of the castle and the chapel “Holy Cross”.

In 1347 the Czech King Karl I was crowned as the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire under the name of Charles IV, which established the reign of the Luxembourg dynasty. He started building a lot, and besides this castle, he has the merit of laying the foundations of the New Town in Prague, the famous Charles Bridge and the Prague University.  Karlstejn consists of several separate buildings from different periods, which, apart from a common fortress wall, are protected by internal walls, allowing them to defend themselves separately. The walls of the castle are four in thickness, and even six meters in length.

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Of all the castles we had seen the Karlstejn Gothic castle was the oldest and most understandably the most simply decorated and furnished. Gothic castle KarlstejnNevertheless, it was extremely interesting to track down how a ruler lived in the 14th century, which also tells a lot about life at that time. It has always been fun to me how the royal trees of the European rulers interweave, unite and divide. Of course, in marriages everything is politics, and relations are based on mutually beneficial deals, often not just attaining power but avoiding a potential military conflict. Karl IV is the son of Czech Princess Elizabeth Premysl and Yan Luxemburg, Earl of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia and the title-holder of Poland.

He is brought up in the French court, where he spends seven years and visits Italy twice. Its management is linked to many positive changes – it boosts the construction of many significant buildings, promotes agriculture, develops wine production and fisheries, grants rights to city domination, makes the Vltava river to the Elba river and promotes the development of culture. Karl IV has four women, which is not a strange term. The main task of any ruler was to provide a healthy male heir to his possessions. Gothic castle KarlstejnAnd given the high infant mortality and all the risks people were exposed to at that time, it would be better to provide at least two or three. In which case, if they all experience their childhood, the issue of the division of lands and titles naturally arises, and this creates a completely different problem. There are no ideal things, as they say, and no one knows what life has prepared for him.

The tour of the castle allowed us to shoot, so I’ll show you some of the rooms, though they do not shine with rich decoration or lush furnishings. I was impressed by the thick walls and the many places of prayer in niches around the walls. Gothic castle KarlstejnToday, one of Karlstejn’s Gothic castle attractions is the opportunity to organize your wedding in the castle. The official site of the castle has a whole section dedicated to the services and a price list for them. It is interesting to note that the price varies considerably depending on whether the newlyweds are Czechs or foreigners.

Such an event, however, does not interrupt the constant flow of tourists, so do not worry about your visit. In conclusion, Karlstejn Gothic Castle is a picturesque fortress that deserves to spend a few hours, and in the surrounding area you can eat typical Czech cuisine and take great pictures.

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