Hardly accessible landmarks on Earth

Megalaya IndiaHardly accessible landmarks on Earth, that are worth seeing, but access to them is very limited or impossible. See 7 hardly accessible sights.

Megalaya  India

Jungle Megali in India is one of the world’s most difficult sights. You can get there only with the help of a trained local guide. But the place is worth it. The megalith is intersected by huge natural bridges formed from the roots of the trees. The interesting thing about the trees in the Megalia jungle is that over the years the bridges are getting stronger.

Mount I-Petri Crimea UkraineI petri mountain

In the near Ukraine there is a place that will stop your breath. Mount I-Petri (translated from Greek St Peter) is 1234 meters high. The most attractive for tourists here are the rope bridges that connect the individual rocks that only the bravest ones pass.

Monastery The Tiger’s nest BhutanHavai Stairway to Paradise

The “Tiger nest” monastery is among the hard-to-reach sights. It is one of the most sacred places in Bhutan and is 900 meters above sea level. There are organized hiking or pony climbs. Entrance to the monastery is allowed as long as you leave the bags and the cameras at the entrance and you are dressed appropriately.

Stairway to Paradise Hawaii

The Haiku Stairs, named from the local ladder to Heaven, are 4,000 feet on Oahu Island, Hawaii. They were made in World War II to allow the military to reach a strategically important radio antenna. Your feet bring you up to 900 meters above sea level. Important: This is not an official tourist site. If you decide to climb the stairs, you do it at your own riskBishop Castle

Bishop Castle Colorado USABastai Bridge Germany

Bishop Castle is the accomplished architectural dream of John Bishop, an ordinary citizen of the United States. The castle is made by John himself and is a strange-looking structure.

It can be reached along Colorado’s black roads. However, the place is a favorite for weddings of locals. The castle is also accessible for tours. The entrance is free, but it is desirable to make a symbolic donation so that the owner can cover his maintenance costs.

Oasis Huaqqing Peru

The Huacachina Oasis is located in the Peruvian Desert. It resembles a gated complex with guest houses, bars and restaurants and is built around a desert water source. Local residents are only about 100 people and their only income comes from the wealthy tourists who visit Huakachina. This landmark looks attractive, but the access to it is hampered by the passage through the desert sands.

Bastai Bridge GermanyOasis Huaqqing

Bastai Bridge is over the Elbe River, and the view of the rock formations around is impressive. The bridge was built in 1824. It remains one of the most popular landmarks in the city. If you want to visit it, you can stay in the nearest town, Ratten, near Dresden.

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