Historic landmarks in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi tample

Historic landmarks in Abu Dhabi

Historic landmarks in Abu Dhabi, but our plans were modest – a small beach of Cornish, Hotel Emirates Palace, and the most beautiful thing in the UAE – the Sheikh Zayed Mosque! There is no metro in the emirate, and the use of public transport would have eaten from our already limited time and we decided to drive by taxi. Gasoline in Abu Dhabi is a bit cheaper than Dubai and taxis are cheaper. First we took a taxi from the bus station to the Corniche coastline.

For the beach there is an entrance of 10 dirhams (for umbrellas and sunbeds is paid extra) and whether because it was Friday (perhaps for some religious reasons) we have announced that today it is not swim …. And how not to enter this gorgeous water at an air temperature of 33 degrees?

Abu Dhabi mosque

visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This naturally does not mean that we have not entered, by the way, the water is much warmer than the beaches in Dubai. It is probably very uncomfortable for women who are forced to walk dressed in this way to go to the beach and even more to watch idle tourists around them … The taxi driver did not know why he did not know where he was, the hotel was a bit down the street …

And here we have already hit a stone, because the guards at the entrance told us that today they did not let tourists! Emirates Palace is a 7 star hotel and one of the most expensive in the world. According to some, it is much more stylish and sleek than Burj al-Arab. Preliminary information should be freely readable. Naturally, they do not allow tourists everywhere, but you can walk around the gardens, in the lobby of the hotel, drink a gold cappuccino, etc., of course, if you are not boys like us to hit a day when they do not let go! Keep in mind that men with shorts are not allowed!

Anyway, we had a taxi, we decided to go straight to the Sheikh Zayed mosque. Generally, I had some idea of ​​where Emirates Palace is located and where the mosque and I think the driver was not driving in the right direction, or at least not in the shortest possible way, but in a strange city – what should I say?

Abu Dhabi monument

Abu Dhabi monument

However, when I saw that he was driving us in the direction of Dubai, I asked him whether he had ever understood where we wanted to go, and of course he answered affirmatively. As far as I was aware of the approximate cost of the Emirates taxi to the mosque, it was about 30 dirhams, of course we came out 50 dirhams – 10 dirhams we had from the beach to the hotel and 10 dirhams for the round trip. Not that it is such a pain for dying, but sometimes it comes to a few more Arabic numbers!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the UAE and the eighth largest in the world. It was opened for visits in 2007 and access is free. For me this is one of the most beautiful buildings in the UAE and it is worth the visit. If you foresee a visit to Abu Dhabi on Friday, note that it is a day off and no moslims are allowed to enter the mosque before 16.30. Additionally, there are free guided tours at certain times of the day. For details, visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque website.

Men and women with shorts, jerseys are not allowed inside, but women must have covered hair. If you do not wear a scarf with which you can cover, you can take the abaca (black covering the body from head to toe) in place. A personal card or passport must be left for the bet.

Abu Dhabi city

Abu Dhabi city

The mosque can take up to 40,000 believers, and the floor of the prayer hall is covered with a carpet of approximately 6,000 sq. M. The carpet is hand-woven by 1200 Iranian women.

The chandeliers that decorate the interior of the mosque are 7, all of them made of gold, Italian glass and Swarovski stones. The largest of them has a diameter of 10 meters …

As you may know, there is a boss in the mosque, and there is a room where you can wash your feet …

Most people, when visiting Abu Dhabi, choose to go through the mosque first before the other sites. I had a great desire to see it both in light and dark, when it is beautifully lit and I am very pleased with my choice! It was so beautiful that we did not even go back … Even at this late hour, visitors did not go down …

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