Historic landmarks in Egypt

Egypt Pyramids

Historic landmarks in Egypt

Historic landmarks in Egypt, a very interesting country, with a culture totally different from ours. Initially, especially if you never visited another Arab country, the cultural shock was enormous. As you walk through the streets, there are various merchants around you (small and large) and they offer you something to do with the emblematic “Good pRice for you misteR!”, The more you refuse, the more insistent they are! It’s very annoying at first, but then you get used to not paying attention to them. And men just … behave like they’ve never seen women …

Of course the attitude in the hotels is totally different! Our trip was only 7 days late September. As we landed at the airport in Hurghada, the air temperature was 39 degrees. I remember the first day when I went into the sea, the water was so hot that I was wondering for a moment when I stepped into it at all. We recorded 3 excursions that were day-by-day to Cairo and the pyramids, to Luxor (the buses were accompanied by a tourist convoy for tourists security) and a trip to Paradise Island. The excursion to Cairo is very difficult.

It departs from Hurghada about 3 o’clock in the morning, sail 5 hours to Cairo and in the evening you go back about 23 o’clock. But I think it’s worth it! No matter how hard it is said that the pyramids are nothing special or that they are a big disappointment – it is not so for me at all – I think it is people who have never seen them live. As you stand next to the great pyramid, you will not be impressed with the size and you will not be surprised how they managed to raise it! I think it is hard to build such a thing today.

Egypt Sphinx

Once the Sphinxes surrounded the road from the Nile to the temple itself

Personally, I do not believe that something built today will survive 2000 years … Besides the Pyramids, we also visited the Cairo Museum, the world’s largest repository of ancient Egyptian art. Luxor is divided into two parts of the Nile River. On the east coast is the “city of the living,” where the impressive Karnak Temple and the Luxor Temple are connected by the Sphinx Alley, which in the past was about 5 km long. On the west coast is the “city of the dead” with the Valley of the Kings – the place where the Pharaohs were buried.


We crossed the Nile River by boat to go to the other side of the Valley of the Kings. The Memonon Columns are located on the road leading to the Valley of the Kings. They are the last remnants of the great burial temple of Amenophile III, which today does not exist.

Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings. There are altogether over 40 tombs of different sizes cut in the sand cliffs.

The temple of Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut is the first Pharaoh woman in Egypt. Her funeral temple is a true masterpiece of architecture. Once the Sphinxes surrounded the road from the Nile to the temple itself. Today it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Egypt. Guides were Egyptian speakers of very good Russian.

Excursion to Paradise Island

I do not know what is the paradise of Paradise Island as there is no tree, but the water is of unique color and definitely the views are beautiful! The best part of the trip was that snorkels, flippers, and life jackets were handed out to us (the boat could not swim) and the boat stopped at a coral reef. I can not swim well and never before had I been looking underwater and the underwater world of the Red Sea was revealed in front of me with all my charm. It was just unbelievable what colorful fish there are!

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Since then I’m a snorkel lovers! Overall I do not like organized holidays and excursions. You can not go to the pyramids or in Luxor and leave you only 40 minutes to look at, while they are dragging you to perfume and papyrus factories all the time!

But then I was still a boss in the organizations and we used an agency, and maybe for a country like Egypt maybe it’s best to have an agency. In this case, the independent organization is not cheaper.

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