Hitachi park the land of the flowers

Hitachi park

Part of the charm of Hitachi Park

Hitachi park the land of the flowers with its uniquely colorful and unique effect (different every season) is one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions, attracting visitors from near and far all year round. Why do they call it the Earth of Flowers and what awaits you there? Now we’ll show you!

Hitachi Park is a Japanese state park located on the Pacific coast of the city of Hitarohara in Ibaraki Prefecture. On an area of ​​3.5 hectares he collects in picturesque paintings on the hills and meadows of the area some of the most beautiful representatives of the natural flora. Its many lanes are crossed and winding from end to end to cross the top of the dominant Miharshishi but Okaka hill, where breathtaking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean are revealed.

Another masterpiece of the greening is the series of precisely pruned and carefully cultivated over 36 000 orange, green and pink Kokia shrubs, which replace the nemofilata on the hill and along with the millions of cosmospore shapes the fall of the park. In their honor, even a carnival is organized, during which visitors can dove into the sea of ​​shrubs and flowers and taste some of the most delicious local specialties.

Hitachi Seaside Park

one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions

Do not forget the 170 tulips in the Tamago Mori garden, arranged in colorful rows like the beds in the largest outdoor flower garden in the world – the Koekenhoff in the Netherlands, who do not stop sharpening their bright heads even in the winter. In the midst of one of the colorful compositions, a diminutive copy of a windmill is placed to make the Europeans feel like they are on their territory.

Equally magnificent are the millions of daffodils in the garden of Swissen, neatly blossoming in the midst of fragrant pine forests. Like hundreds of other types of flowers (lavender, roses, cherry trees, etc.), covering the territory of the Hitaci Park as a colorful blanket and spreading its fragrance to miles away.

And that’s not all! In addition to a natural oasis where eternal spring reigns, this paradise also offers great opportunities for cultural enrichment and fun. Of particular interest for the tourists are the restorations of the so-called Cominski – traditional antique houses, which are exposed to daily life scenes and which are used as a valuable source of knowledge by growing teenagers.

Hitachi Park Garden

Hitachi park the land of the flowers

Not far from Tammago but Mori has built a miniature amusement park with the exotic name of the Garden of Pleasures. The Giant Ferris wheel and the many smaller roundabouts give you the chance to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the park’s entire splendor.

If you find the pedestrian tour very labor intensive, you can rent a bicycle or climb the fun trail that will take you all over the park within 40 minutes and will bring your children a real pleasure.
Hitachi Park is also a favorite spot for a family picnic. If you like the idea, you can place yourself around the so-called “Western Lake” or take advantage of the barbecue services – the area in the shade of the forest, not far from the amusement area. So many different leisure opportunities, right?

HITACHI PARK a colorful paradise

And who would have guessed that this magnificently arranged and cultivated in a colorful mosaic space was built for less than two years after the original (and much more extensive) version of the Hitschi Park was completely destroyed by a catastrophic tsunami in 2011?

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