The Iguazu Falls Argentina and Brazil

The Iguazu Falls Argentina and Brazil – quite frankly until a few months ago, and I had not heard of them, but as we planned the trip, I began to meet them quite often as a place that is not omission – they have recently been one of the seven natural miracles of the world. It was not easy to put them on the route because they could not join the plane ticket around the world, but on the other hand I really wanted to get out of the big cities and see a little scenery. As soon as we arrived, we asked to organize a transport to Paraguay. The border is literally 5-6 kilometers and people usually go there to buy cheap electronics – the Paraguayan town is called Ciudat del Este and is known for its low prices for all phones, televisions, cameras, and so on. We did not need any such gadgets, but we just wanted to pack time with a short tour, eat something Paraguay and come back.

God was so frightened that he fought the earth with all his might and created the waterfalls with the slightest purpose that the two lovers would always fail. Legend is a legend, but looking from bird’s eye looks exactly like that – a huge hole in the middle of the river. Penetration of waterfalls occurs in two ways – from the Brazilian or Argentine side. For the first day, we planned to look at the Brazilian side, but before we visited the Parque das Aves bird park. In the morning, we woke up ready for feats, but what would we see – a real tropical storm raging out, flying leaves, bends, lounges, like the last when I asked the landowners for a normal time, they worried, they tensed when they suddenly stopped the current (of course the thought of the end of the world immediately sneaked somewhere in the heads of us all). The views to go somewhere further than our beds were zero, so we did just that – circling and another 3 hours of good sleep. At 12 o’clock things looked much more optimistic – a very light rainfall from time to time, so we thought it was time for an attack.

We went to the Birds Park, which is about 300-400 meters from the entrance to the waterfalls, we bought raincoats and started – flamingos, turtles, parrots, vultures, eagles, hummingbirds and all other well-known and unknown feathered friends. I say friends because the park is so well made that with some species of birds that do not have the purpose of raining your eyes just stay side by side. The feeling of standing next to a tuna bird, and it is really cool to climb on a raincoat, and there was also an interesting moment when a tunic decided that we paid more attention to another dick (that black on the right of the picture) and came to peck it chase. On Aglaia the bigger birds did not breathe much trust, but I think, for example, in the butterfly cage and liked it.

There was a hummingbird, the wings of which were unique. In short – a great park that must be seen if you are in the area, for the modest amount of US $ 17 per person (children do not remember how many years – free of charge). As it stopped completely falling, we decided not to miss the waterfalls. We bought tickets (41 reels per person and 7 for the child, ie about $ 42 for the three) and after a short bus ride, we reached the beginning of the trail, which ultimately leads to the most impressive waterfall in the Brazilian country where there is a special metal track above the river that allows us to get as close as possible to the waterfall and even to feel its splashing. On the way down to about 2 kilometers, you can see impressive views of the other waterfalls of the array, which can hardly be described by an unprofessional blogger like me, so let the photos replace the words, but they are also a poor reflection of reality in this marvelous place From the planet Earth.

The whole tour of the Brazilian side takes no more than 2-3 hours (unless you decide to take a boat tour that we missed because of the weather). The next day was dedicated to the Argentine side. It turned out that what we saw from the Brazilian part was only a slight warm-up before what we expected in Argentina. If you only have one day to explore the waterfalls, forget the Brazilian part and run to the Argentinean! There is the truth about the Iguazu waterfalls! Again the words are gone and the pictures are weak, especially when you stand by the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) – the highest and most impressive waterfall. But here I did not miss a 30-minute boat trip. The scheme is the following – paying about $ 30-35, putting on a life jacket and giving you an impermeable bag where you can put your luggage and jump into the boat with another 20-30 people.

In the beginning, the captain drives quietly, stops here to shoot people if they have not taken a picture of it, then they tell you to take your cameras and start the real show. The captain strengthens the boat against the huge mass of water that collapses at 80 meters in height, but skillfully turns the direction at the last minute, so he bathes you in the drops of the waterfall. And so several times on two different waterfalls. Very nice and refreshing adventure, for the lovers of NOT the extreme experiences. Useful advice – try to sit on the first row of seats on the boat. The Iguazu Falls are by no means one of the seven natural wonders of the world – come to South America to find a way to visit them – it’s worth it!

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