Interesting attractions in Panama

Panama tropical paradise

Panama tropical paradise

Interesting attractions in Panama are not just the Panama Canal. Panama – 1,600 km of attractive beaches, millions of square meters of national parks, a link between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The Panama Canal is the perfect spot for a cruise – it’s full of companies offering such trips at very reasonable prices and marvelous ships. Once you’ve seen the capital and its skyscrapers, after you’ve gotten drunk from the beaches and the most famous archipelagos, a cruise would be a wonderful decision for the end of your trip to Panama.

Bocas del Toro

They consist of 9 islands and 2 national parks with a huge variety of wildlife. They offer great opportunities for surfing and diving – world-famous among lovers. It is a trend to jump from island to island, stopping in fashionable places like the Bird Island, the Beach of the Sea Stars, or the Dolphin Bay.

When you are in Panama, try local coffee anyway. The tropical climate and location of the country are ideal for coffee making. If you want to taste something really unforgettable – and as a price, drink a Panama Geisha cup for 7 euros. The San Blas Islands are the perfect place to get away from civilization and chaos. There is no luxury here, but lives close to nature and the rules of the Kuna tribe. San Rain never rains. Even when the rain season comes to Panama, it’s dry here, so it’s perfect for visits. The sun is joule, and the wind is calm. From Panama City to San Blas there are flights at prices from $ 60 to $ 120. You’d better enjoy the islands if you sleep in bamboo huts or directly in the kuna’s homes. Here the sea will be your pool, and the palms – your umbrellas.

The islands of San Blas

The San Blas Archipelago is considered to be the Polynesian Caribbean and is located between Panama and Colombia. It resembles a necklace of Caribbean islands. It includes 378 islands and mini-estates, 40 of which are populated. In the sea you will encounter the most wonderful fish of all colors. If you decide to stick to the sea, you will definitely meet members of the Kuna tribe.

Panama San Blas

Panama San Blas

They are the second lowest people in the world after the pygmies and move between islands with canoeing. They wear colorful clothing and pearls on their hands, their legs and their necks.
Panama has experienced a real economic boom in recent years and is considered Eldorado mostly for those foreigners who decide to move to it to spend their pensions.

To take advantage of all its benefits, they must have a purely judicial record. The second condition is to have a monthly $ 1,000 pension. In such a situation, they are granted “permanent retirement” status, which means they can exploit at will all the benefits of local legislation. They provide discounts on prices for any kind of medical examinations, for electricity, gas, water and even for sports. It is believed that Panama’s retirement program is among the best in the world. Here’s what concessions it provides:

30% for public transport, 25% for airline tickets, 50% for hotels, 25% for restaurants, 15% for private clinics, 20% for surgical operations and medical examinations, 15% for dentists, 20% for pharmacies, 25% for electricity, 25% for phones, 25% for water, 20% for funerals.

In the center of the capital, as well as in tourist areas like Bocas del Toro, prices have risen in recent years. In the center of Panama City, a new apartment costs at least $ 80,000, while renting an apartment comes at $ 500 a month. The rest of the country, including beaches, is more profitable – you can find an apartment for rent and for $ 250 per month.

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