Interesting places to visit Lake Garda

visit Lake GardaInteresting places to visit Lake Garda, the main destination for the day the largest in Italy and one of the most famous as a place for hiking or recreation. His name can be traced back to history until the 8th century and comes from the city of Garda. Its origin is from the German word “warda”, which means “a place of protection” or a “place of observation”. There are a number of small islands in the lake and five larger ones. The largest Isola del Garda in 1220, Francis of Assisi founded a monastery.

Over time, Lake Garda has been in the possession of various republic towns in the region. Particularly significant is the influence of the Venetian Republic, which ruled between the 15th and the 18th century and strongly influenced local architecture and the development of the arts. On our way to Sirmione we passed a series of beautiful villages and villa areas on the coast. The favorable climate allows the development of lush vegetation – citrus trees and olive trees, palm trees and huge shrubs that grow as whole trees.visit Lake Garda

Attractions in lake Garda

This is one of the most northern places where lemons are grown. There were plenty of flowers on the balconies and gardens. The town of Sirmione, which we visited this afternoon, is located on a peninsula cut into the lake, and in this respect it is similar to our Nessebar or Pomorie. In the 20th century, the place was established as a famous spa resort with mineral water, treating respiratory system inflammation.

The main attraction not only for the city but also for the whole lake is the Skaligero fortress at the beginning of the old town, which rises directly from the water and is very picturesque for pictures. visit Lake GardaIt was built as a defensive facility in the 13th century by the Skala dell’as, which at that time ruled the nearby city of Verona and a large part of the surrounding area. The castle is open to visitors and they say stunning views from its towers, but we did not have time to get on.

Another local landmark is the remains of the Roman villa Grote di Catullo, which once stood on a cliff by the lake. In it in the 1st century BC. the Roman poet Kathulo lived.While walking, you can see his monument, but he is far from being the most famous person who lived in Sirmione. In the town, Dante came in search of inspiration, and Maria Callas spent seven years there, fascinated by the charm and harmony of the place.

On the way through the small peninsula you will see an abundance of greenery, colorful trees, statue gardens and flower gardens. Even in the heat of July the place was fresh and flowering like a paradise garden. Swans swam in the lake as another attraction for the crowds of excited tourists.

Here’s the only unpleasant thing I noticed – in the heat of the season there are too many people to enjoy peace or romance.visit Lake Garda

We walked along the narrow streets over which sometimes old, old medieval houses with balconies full of flowers rose. Even the new buildings were elegantly decorated and painted in fresh or bright colors.

In conclusion – I recommend you to visit Lake Garda. I also hope to have the opportunity to repeat this escort. Because such beauty is hard to describe in words. Another beautiful place in this area of Italy is Lake Como.

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