Krabi province Thailand

Krabi island Thailand

Krabi province Thailand

Krabi province Thailand, the most visited places of tourists. First of all, its islands are out there for the rest of the season, because its location south of the Andaman Sea protects it from tropical monsoon rains. Not that they are not, but they are relatively short, and the sun quickly wipes out their wet eyes and the memory of them remains to stick only to the moisture that turns every garment into a compress.
Also, Thailand’s most conservative countryside is now much more convenient to reach because there is no need to fly to Bangkok and from there to Krabi.

There is a lack of open-minded neighborhoods for sex tourism, beach parties are more exquisite, and the level of tourist services and luxury in hotels can not even complain to the most discerning guest.

Nature of Krabi province Thailand

In addition, when you write Krabi province on the web, there are pictures of unrealistic emerald waters that seem like boiled Easter eggs in the form of islands. All your photoshop suspicions are dropped when you see them live. It’s really emerald-colored! Some of Thailand’s finest beaches are in this part of the country, and the famous A Nang is just 20 km from Krabi Town. Of course, in support of my words, I will recall that the fairytale is a natural setting for the film “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio.

the most visited places in Krabi

Krabi province Thailand, the most visited places of tourists

The nature here has unleashed its imagination to the end and alternates warm crystal waters with bizarre rock formations and intimate romantic beaches, where it is sure to be a loved one.

The most popular in the province of Krabi is the Pipi Pori National Park (Koh means island). Local people are proud of their beauty. Lanta Beach and Raleigh Beach do not fall below, but the remaining 150 pieces of land poured out as if from the rosary of the Lord enjoy the eye with its uniqueness. Years ago, they were havens for Asian pirates, and today their Chinese heirs try to occupy them with one. That’s why the Krabi people have introduced attendance quotas for tourists with drawn eyes – otherwise there is a danger of popping paradise with themselves.

Consequently, Krabi province boasts the most ancient civilization in this part of the world. The dating of ancient stone weapons, drawings and skeletons found in countless caves proves that people lived here 37,000 years ago. If you were expecting Krabi to be on a beach and have a snorkel watching the coral at most, you can get rid of the dreams and take out the comfortable shoes! There is no way you are there and miss the adventure of Tiger Cave temple. Perhaps the more accurate expression is the test of the will, called the Tiger Cave, a place of great importance for Buddhist pilgrims.

Impressive beaches in Krabi

the most beautiful and most exotic attractions you can see if you visit this part of the world

According to one of the legends (and as the name suggests), a tiger lived in the famous hole in the land. Then people built a small Buddhist temple. Another version, however, claims that one of the rocks at the entrance to the temple resembles a tiger claw. For the joy of the tourists, not far from the temple complex are representatives of the big striped cats, but only funny monkeys, which sometimes become too cheeky. Do not let God be wearing anything to eat, you will immediately become the object of a noodle robbery. Some of the macaques have learned to drink water from a bottle, and unsecured the plastic bottles of the lead. If you are not vigilant enough, you may even stay without a cell phone or camera.

As a result, the plate at the foot of the hill with the inscription “Tiger Cave 1237 Steps” does not look threatening, but it’s before you see the stairs – more steep than rocks, with “uneven stairs”, some of which make you half- , and the others – all. The only consolation is that on the way up you are confronted with people who are throbbing dramatically like you in the natural sauna.

Helpful signs give

Krabi province boats

Krabi province boats

you an accurate notification of how many steps you have left on top. And there (if you have strengths after climbing and meetings with monkeys), a sparkling green landscape splattered by stone peaks spills before your eyes. Moreover, you can not stop “making postcards” with your camera. And when you’re in Krabi, it’s just the beginning .

Here are the most famous natural landmarks of Thailand – National Parks Not Nopara Tara, A Nang, Raley and Koh Pi. Most are made up of many coral islands in whose reefs you can dip your head with glasses and chickpeas, and for hours you can watch the sun rays dance on the coral as long as faithful fish escape. And once you have gone to caves and boat rides from an island on an island, grab the life jacket and follow the driver in the Emerald Cave. The entrance of the natural formation resembles a predatory paste, a bit of green silk.

In the next 80 meters, however, you sink into almost complete darkness. In front of you only the flashlight of the group leader. In order to preserve the eco-equilibrium, the visitors to the quota are allowed to go. Apart from the important task of not losing a tourist in the darkness, the attendant is busy trying to protect the dry cell phones with which they swim to the small beaches surrounded by evil beaches to document their feats.

Finally, for those who do not want to relish their adventures, Krabi Thailand offers a shelter of salt and sand as white as salt, swimming in the smooth sea and tons of spicy Thai food extinguished with decent local beer.

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