Landmarks in Rethymnon Crete

Landmarks in Rethymnon CreteI set on landmarks in Rethymnon Crete a while ago when I came across a very detailed article in Travel magazine. I immediately put him on the list of future beach destinations and only had to come to his turn! There are some of Europe’s finest beaches on the island, most of them with a blue flag, and every year some Cretan beach is invariably present in the top 10 charts of the best beaches in Europe. The island of Crete is the largest Greek island and what attracts tourists are not just the beaches, one of the most ancient civilizations, the Minoan, was born here, so it would be interesting for people interested in history.

And Chania and Rethymnon are charming cities with Venetian spirit, which should not be missed. The relief of the island is predominantly mountainous and the roads are narrow and narrow, revealing incredible views. For lovers of trekking – Crete is also a land of gorges – there are over 250 gorges on the island, the most famous of which is Samaria – one of the longest in Europe. Many agencies offer charters to Crete, but it is much more profitable to organize your trip yourself.Landmarks in Rethymnon Crete

We landed at the airport in Chania at 17.55, we were able to catch the bus at 18.00 hrs to the city center (there is a timetable at the KTEL site, the ticket price is 2.30 euros and the trip is about 30 minutes). The last bus stop is at the central bus station. We arrived just in time to catch the bus for Rethymnon at 18.30. Chania is one of the main cities on the island and it is not difficult to get here anywhere with local transport. The transport, in my opinion, is relatively regular, and the KTEL site can be tracked for the schedules and prices. Keep in mind that from time to time there are changes to schedules, but the site is being updated in time!Landmarks in Rethymnon Crete

Is it because the distances on the island are great, but transport generally did not seem very cheap to me. During our 14 – day trip we spent about 100 euros per person on bus tickets, not traveling every day. In view of this, I would like to say that a much more convenient and convenient way to go around is to rent a car (this is what I say for the first time in my life :-))! Because we did not have one, we had decided to divide our trip into three parts, and then we would travel around the area. The island of Crete has four main areas – Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lassiti. We thought that, according to our interests, it would be good to focus on the first two, so the plan was: 4 nights in Rethymno, 6 nights at Falasarna and 4 more nights in Chania.

The Chania Journey – Rethymno bus takes about an hour. Buses are over an hour and the ticket price is 6.20 euros. In active season there are buses until 22.00 – 23.00 in the evening. Generally, in the vicinity of larger cities there are cheaper accommodation, but we preferred to sleep in the town of Rethymnon (although not in the center itself) to make it more comfortable than to travel to the places we are you have noticed.Landmarks in Rethymnon Crete For the first day, I had two options: The first was to catch a bus to Sphakio / Sphakia (ticket 7.30 euros and a trip about 2 hours) and from there to visit one of the beaches Ilingas beach or Glyka Nera beach, The option was to spend one day on Heraklion’s island capital (a ticket of € 7.60 and a trip of about 90 minutes). After all, we decided to stay in Rethymnon so we could still look at the city. By the way, Rethymno is the only town in Crete with a great and beautiful beach.

Well, we never reached the big beach, because on the way to the center we saw this little beach near the apartment we had hired and decided to settle down here. Rethymnon is the third largest city on Crete and not only in my opinion – the most picturesque. For some time it was under Venetian influence, and of course it left its mark on architecture. The Old Town is one of Europe’s most preserved Renaissance cities and has an incredible ambience. It is very pleasant to stroll through the narrow streets filled with lively cafes, restaurants and craft workshops located in 16th-century buildings. Rimondi fontain – the current fountain was erected in 1626 on the site of an older fountain and is located in the center of the old town.

The old Venetian harbor is surrounded by an old pier dating back to the 13th century, which is in a very good condition, considering its years. At the end of the breakwater there is a lighthouse that is not actually Venetian but was built much later by the Turks in the 17th century. The harbor has many restaurants where fresh fish can be eaten.Fortezza – the Venetian fortress is located near the center, on the top of a small hill and can be seen from almost every point of the city.

From her there were beautiful views of the old town, which I can not show you because we never came in! Erected in 1590, for centuries the fortress has kept the city from pirate raids and Turkish invaders. Our walks through Rethymnon were mostly evening. For me it was really a very cozy town!

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