Natural landmarks on Saba island

Saba Mt. Scenery

Natural landmarks on Saba island, the unspoiled Caribbean queen

Natural landmarks on Saba island, the unspoiled Caribbean queen. We invite you to a heavenly walk on the divinely beautiful island of Saba. Surrounded by natural wealth and unaffected by industrial grandeur, the island of Saba is one of the most virgin Caribbean territories that is worth visiting. The island of Saba is so small (13 square kilometers) and is so far away that it is not accidentally called it the “secret island of the Caribbean Sea” or “The Unfinished Queen”.

Its administrative territory is one of the Kingdom of the Netherlands’s overseas territories, and geographically the small Antilles islands. It is located between the islands of Saint Maarten and Saint Eustatius, and its coastline is surrounded by amazing underwater reefs and unique peaks. The rocky embankment of the island of Saba is explained by the fact that most of the area is occupied by the active volcano Mount Seener, which, with its 877 meters high, is the highest point not only for all Dutch oceanic estates but also for the whole continental Kingdom.

Natural sights on the island of Saba

You can reach either the 1000 foot steps or the footpath along the rocky slopes or the carriageway passing through several settlements (because this is the only asphalt road on the island built in 1960 to connect the settlements) . And as soon as you get up, you will not want to come back – the view is indescribably beautiful. One of the advantages of Saba Island is that tourism is a relatively new industry, so guests enjoy true heavenly tranquility and craving silence amid plenty of tropical vegetation and exotic experiences.

Saba villages

Saba Queen of the Caribbean, a tropical destination

The local population is no more than 2,000 people, and around 25,000 people come here this year. But that does not mean you have to underestimate Saba as a destination. In fact, much of its fascination with the island of Saba is due precisely to the harmonious intertwining of wild and modern, nature and engineering, local and foreign. The whitewashed houses with wooden facades, sloping red roofs, green lids and lush decoration naturally follow the curves of the mountain slope (up to the crater and down to the sea) comfortably nestled among lush greenery of palm trees, hibiscus, bromelates, wild orchids and pines.

Do you feel the divine scent of this fragrant bouquet of exotic natural masterpieces? Saba is ideal for practicing ecotourism and diving but in no case does it lack modern conditions – just for example we will mention that the whole island is powered by wireless internet connection so that you can keep track of your world events and business from distance (if at all you want to do it).

Saba harbor

Saba ideal for practicing daylong ecotourism

You can choose between a wide range of stays – from luxury resorts to the seaside to modest huts with interior (but modernly equipped). As for leisure and leisure activities – as it is called “shoveling them”. Another advantage on Saba Island is that traveling there is no problem.

Several major airlines from North America, South America and Europe are daily flights to the neighboring island of Sint Maarten, and from there you will be transported to the island of Saba.

Because, despite its small size, it has an airport and a very short track (actually the shortest in the world), almost in the waters of the Caribbean, which can only land 3 specific aircraft models.

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