Paradise on Earth Island Bali

Bali Batur volcanoParadise on Earth Island Bali – lotus, orchids and magnolia in all colors of the rainbow. On top of the eruption-rich soil, all sorts of tropical and exotic vegetation broke out. Extreme fertility – two, sometimes three crops of fruit with incredible abundance. Emerald sea, beautiful beach with golden sand, orange sun in turquoise sky. And all this – in the midst of crystal tranquility, clear silence and romantic seclusion. The time has stopped…

Wild, wonderfully beautiful place with smiling, friendly and well-meaning people. Living primary and unpretentious, but close to nature and to their gods. In their own way satisfied and happy. Whose main philosophy of life is in unity between nature, gods and man. And who welcome their guests with a chain of real magnolia, genuine enthusiasm and many smiles.

The Paradise of the Earth to the South of the Equator. Although there is no word in the language of islanders, the equivalent of the word “paradise”. I always wanted to come here with my dream of peace, beach, palm trees and a warm, endless ocean. It’s a little difficult to tell about Bali, as if I had to describe a picture painted by a great artist or in words to describe the song … Or because I have to make a comparison with something familiar, and here nothing resembles something I already know . In my opinion, this is the boundary between civilized and uncivilized world …
Everything in Bali is close to nature – the house should not be higher than the height of a coconut palm. The entire island has up to 3 floors. With one exception – a single 14 storey building, a hotel to see how ugly it is, if it is higher than palm trees …. Everyone else has grown to a great length, open to flow, because of humidity and heat.Bali Tample

Bali’s humidity seemed to me far less than that in Singapore, and maybe it was not. Seen from the sea and from above, the island really looks wild, the low buildings are not visible, hidden in lush greenery and vast gardens. We set off early in the morning, along with the sunrise, on an island like a large, green-colored fish, lying in the middle of the ocean.

Attractions in Bali is a tiny island, only 80 to 140 km. It is the heart of the largest archipelago in the world, the Indonesian one, and has once been connected with Java, the distance between them is only 3 kilometers and about 60 meters deep.
This is really a paradise that offers its guests all sorts of earthly and non-earthly pleasures. And it is not a problem for one day to tour the whole island, the problem is that you can not see everything that day. And there is really a chain of 6 volcanoes, beautiful crater lakes, lush tropical forests, beautiful waterfalls, very picturesque rice terraces, amazing flower gardens. Apart from culture, art, dances, wood-carving, silk, stone beauties and what not to do with the Balinese lifestyle.

We arrive in the old capital of Kuta, which is a paradise for surfers gathering here in this place from all over the world to wait for the “big wave”. The multicolored colorful surfing and surfing is an incredible view. For me, the whole island is a huge botanical garden that looks like a jungle, and the further you enter the island, the more beautiful it becomes. The streets in the villages, the palaces are also incredibly green and picturesque.

Birdwatching bird park has an incredible variety of all kinds of leaps – more than 1,000 birds of paradise of 250 species. And over 100 rare birds. In a variety of colors and operas. Beautiful green peacocks, going important, important, with tailed tails like fans in all the colors of the rainbow. Dice unknown to me, rare types of pigeons that lay their eggs in the craters of volcanoes, parrots, insanely colorful and noisy, some of which can even repeat your name.

Any strange and colorful, strange, strange, interesting birds, birds, and all that’s still – singing, singing, running and flying around me. And cocks – all sizes, colors and types. This is the king of the animals here. Very popular (though forbidden) is the fight with cocks, but we have not been able to see such a spectacle. Wherever the spectators are betting, they put knives on the feet of the cocks and begin a battle of life and death.

You can not come to Bali or see a real volcano. And it – acting. In the village of Kintamani is the mountain with the name of the volcano – Batour. Anyone who has the desire can climb to the bubbling crater and look inside. And at its foot – a beautiful lake resembling a crescent, all surrounded by the high walls of the crater.

We tried local cuisine at the Kintamani Restaurant, which offers great views of the volcano. The other amazing thing was the Christmas stars, blossoming everywhere. Yes, Christmas stars in the middle of the summer. An interesting place for me was the Balinese home, which was not designed according to our ideas, and each room is in a separate tiny house. One for the kitchen, the other for the children, the third for the guests, and so on. I did not ask why, but for myself I explain that this is related to natural disasters – earthquakes, hurricanes. The pictures are visible everywhere – and in front of the houses and temples stands a “pendir” – a long pylon decorated with figurines of animals and birds, with palm branches, straw and flowers, necessarily taller than the house. So the peasants thank their gods for the harvest and everything else.

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