Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia are one of Croatia’s biggest tourist attractions and welcome over a million visitors every year. Nature is amazing, and it is this national park that comes close to my notion of Paradise. It’s hard to describe in words the amazing combination of crystal clear blue-green water with fish passages, lush greenery, hundreds of blown waterfalls, and abundant birds and wildlife. For most of the time, there are narrow wooden bridges near or over the water. Visitors move in groups, sometimes in crowds, causing congestion. Plitvicki Lakes National Park was opened in 1949, but there are few visitors in the first decade because the surroundings are overgrown and the lakes are almost inaccessible, and they reach the forest paths.

In 1958 the then manager of the park invented the system of wooden bridges that allowed the water areas to be walked and even crossed. In 1979 the park was included in the UNESCO Heritage List. The park covers about 300 sq. Km. The lakes, which are 16 in number and are arranged stepwise as couplings, occupy an area of ​​about 8 square kilometers. They are full of dozens of waterfalls and overflow into each other, surrounded by an uproar. In the forests live deer, bears, wolves, wild boars, wild cats and some rare birds – there are nearly 120 species, out of which 70 breed in the area all year round. The shops in the park offer many beautiful souvenirs and magnets with landscapes from lakes or different animals. One of the highest waterfalls that can be seen at the beginning of the walk. The vegetation in places is directly submerged in the water.

The power of life – even in the narrow rock crack the dandelion has managed to survive and blossom. It is important to know that viewing the Plains Lakes can be done on several routes of different lengths and lengths. The shortest program “A” is between two and three hours, and the longest “K” between six and eight at the speed you are moving. I have heard that there are variants that take a few days. On long journeys a section of the road passes by boat, and after climbing to one of the high lakes for descent there are buses. If you go alone, it is a good idea to decide which option to choose in terms of your wishes and opportunities, as well as the current time.

If you are traveling on an organized trip, they will not ask you anyway. Some landmark can be when reading the program to check if the Plains Lakes are matched with other viewing sites the same day. If so, they probably will run the shortest program. I can not comment on it, as with us this day was only for the lakes and we walked along the C route. According to the sign it takes between four and six hours. In addition to the waterfalls, the place is also known for its caves, we passed at least one convenient to see. We were moving in a calm walk, without long photo sessions at the various waterfalls, but without a big run along the way.

At least twice we stopped for longer breaks – while we were waiting for the boat in the middle of the road and while we were waiting for the bus to take us to the parking lot. Many people gathered in these places, because with great attendance, as in this day, transport could not take all tourists at once. There were carefully arranged holiday areas with souvenir shops, toilets and restaurants (grilled, beer, sweet things), coffee and ice cream.

The paths on the road were narrow, some people were waiting for pictures or waiting for each other in a particularly beautiful waterfall, but wherever the road branched out, there were signs indicating where the selected route was going. The entire park is made extremely comfortable and is suitable for any visitor ie. does not require any special training or skills. In our group there were people of all ages and no one encountered any problems with the tour. Plain ponds are raining very often. It is advisable for a person to go prepared with an umbrella or even a better raincoat. During the tour there is no place to hide in the dry, and there was, however, the idea is to make a tour and not to stay in one place. Some of the bridges were completely flooded by the waterfalls, others were just wet and slippery.

A paradise with tempting water, but entering the lakes, bathing and swimming are forbidden. It was very difficult for me to pick up the photos for this travel record, because I have a few hundred and it seemed to me that most of them show some new scenery of the lakes. After all, there was more photo walkthrough than travel history. On the other hand, such a nature can not be described as meaningful in words, and even pictures are just pale pieces of reality. I recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to go live to touch the beauty of the Plateau Lakes. And I have nothing left to do but finish with more pictures.

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