Romantic vacation in Azores

A romantic vacation in Azores with my wife without children. At the foot of the plantation is the town of the same name. It is time to leave Sao Miguel Island and head to our next destination – Pico Island. Wild Pico with a 2,300 meter high volcanic peak. SATA airplanes conveniently connect the Azores. And despite the island’s isolation, our house in the largest town of Magdalena welcomes us quite hospitable.

The best vacation in Azores

Azores landmarks
Azores landmarks

And if someday I buy a house, I would probably like to have the view in front of my veranda – vineyard and ocean. The port of Ortha in Fayal! For sailors crossing the Atlantic, it is something like Tattoo, “The Millennial Falcon” and R2D2 put together for Star Wars fans. Not only do you need to be here – here you have to remember!

Therefore, every free space is “canvas”, and the whole port – opened gallery. Every boat, every crew, wants to leave the memory of their journey … Is it really necessary to arrive on the water? – This panel shows that air transport for certain social groups is acceptable. Well, sometimes on the other end of the world you can get into a campaign. There is no local, no foreigner – take the brochure and “venceremos”!

Azores furnas hot
Hot geysers in Azores

We divide with the port of Orta, but do not forget it – it will become a question later, because it is very, very much related to wine. Classical colonial architecture. But pay attention to the fresco below, which thus “lively” the park space. Of course, not everyone has managed to maintain their esteem over the centuries.

Rarely, such scenes show that for some times prosperity has already passed … but there is no hope that the tide will still lift the forgotten boats over the waves and the wind will blow their sails … Again we are changing through the narrow straits near the rocks. Without even suspecting that we will see them much closer …

And now enjoy the sunset because it’s unique. “The Museum of Pico’s Vine and Wine”. Let’s get to the word! Many connoisseurs of wine in Bulgaria are aware of the recent inclusion of Champagne and Burgundy in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the influence these wine regions have had on our civilization. But maybe a few people know that a decade earlier is part of this list of viticulture and wine making on this small volcanic Azores island.

The first settlers of Pico brought the vine to the island at the end of the 15th century. According to tradition, the Franciscan monk of the parish “St. Trinity “Pedro Gigante first planting vine rods in the Silveira area. They are supposed to be brought from Cyprus, Sicily or Madeira. (Today it is dedicated to one of the emblematic wines of the island – “Fra Gigante”).

The first vineyards are on the west coast of the island, the so-called “Frontiera” – the frontier on a isthmus dividing its banks from the neighboring Fayal. In 1591, historian Caspar Frutoozo wrote in his Saudades da Terra. In these lands, the yield of grapes is much better than any other island. But the soil was still deficient. So the land was bought and transported from … the neighboring island of Fayal. According to Harvard Geology Professor John Webster, in 1821 Fayal soil was transported in small boats to Pico Island.

Azores Sete Cidades
Azores Sete Cidades

So “Pico’s Curse” turns into “The Miracle of Pico” – much of the lava is turned into a fertile soil where grapes are already born. For centuries, the grapes were transported in large knitted baskets through the difficult terrain to where it was already possible to reach the bull wagons that would take it to the wooden presses located along the coast. Apart from the workers of the vineyard and the cellars, a large number of local residents were involved in the production – barrels, knitters, volunteers, sailors.

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