Ten things that you do not know about Iceland

Northern Lights

Natural landscapes and eco-paths

Ten things that you do not know about Iceland and it’s good to learn. What can you expect from an exciting trip to Iceland? Surely unforgettable natural landscapes and a whole new reality, much different than in other European countries. Iceland, also known as the icy country, is an island state located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Capital and the largest city in Iceland is Reykjavik. The Scandinavian country is also known for its good standard of living and its well-developed economy. In recent years, Iceland is an increasingly preferred destination for tourists because of its unusual nature and the remarkable things it can offer.

A large part of Iceland’s pictures create the feeling that if you go there, there is a great chance that you will not meet anyone else in the beautiful scenery. But the reality is a bit different. Since most of the attractions are easily accessible, many tourists visit it. Therefore, if you want a picture that only you can see (or there are no people), you have to be patient with patience.

Tip: If you want to avoid tourist crowds, the western part of Iceland is less frequented. You can not see the Northern Light so easily. While Iceland is one of the countries where you can enjoy the Northern Light, sometimes it’s not so easy with a simple eye. There are many nights in which the glow can be caught well with just a nice camera. Then the only thing you will see with your eyes is something like a gray cloud / fog.

There are horses everywhere. Iceland boasts its own breed of horses featuring its beautiful mane. If you walk around the country, you will surely see the horses scattered along the road. In Iceland, navigation works well. Apart from the big cities, there are not many roads in Iceland. This makes navigating quite easy because the chance to go wrong is greatly reduced. You will not be able to pronounce 99% of the words.

The Icelandic language is not at all easy, but the pronunciation of the words definitely can not be dealt with by everyone. In Iceland, you will not meet many local residents. In 2016, Iceland’s population is 330,000, and the same year the country has been visited by 4 times more tourists.

Food is too expensive. Iceland’s food prices almost compete with those in Switzerland. You should consider it if you would like to visit this Scandinavian country. Natural landscapes are fundamentally different in winter and summer.

At certain times of the year certain sights can be completely covered with snow and ice. Naturally, white is predominant in winter, and the landscapes seem to have less distinct shapes. The better option is to visit Iceland during the summer. If you do decide to do it during one of the winter months, you have to be equipped very well.

The weather in Iceland is amazing

Some say that one day in Iceland there may be four seasons. It is entirely possible within 24 hours to see the sun, rain, snow and hail. If you drive by car, rent 4×4. Considering the inconsistent time, if you want to travel Iceland by car, you must hire 4×4. Always fill the tank up and bring with you water and food.

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