The modern city of Dubai

The modern city of Dubai begins from the landing of the Al Maktoum airport, which is about 35 kilometers from the city. Perhaps one day the subway will reach the airport itself, but for the moment the options for moving to the city are two: by taxi or by bus F55 to Ibn Battuta Metro Station.The modern city of Dubai

The bus is every hour and takes about 40 minutes. We could not catch him and we did not wait for one hour until the next, so we used a taxi to the metro station, which came out about 80 dirhams. When charging a taxi from the airport (if I’m not mistaken for the port) there is an initial charge of 20 dirhams, usually the initial taxi is 3.00 dirhams at a daily rate and 3.50 dirhams at a night rate.

The modern city of Dubaithe best attractions

Different taxi companies travel at different rates, but the differences are not prone – the price is around 1.60 – 1.80 dirhams per kilometer. And another important thing – in the modern city of Dubai you can take a taxi and a very small distance, but the minimum charge is 10 dirhams. So we were driving about 1 kilometer because we could not find out where our hotel was and took us 10 dirhams!The modern city of Dubai

Also, if possible, choose a sedan taxi, because larger cars are traveling with a higher initial charge. If you plan to use public transport, it is most profitable to buy a Nol Silver Card, it is valid for all modes of transport and initially costs 20 dirhams, 6 dirhams are for plastic, then you just refill it / this can happen in the metro stations / RTI & gt; Maps are marked both on the vehicle or subway, as well as on exit, charging depends on how far you have gone.

The modern city of Dubai subway consists of 2 lines – green and red – crossing at Union Square and Khalid Bin Al Waleed subway stations, with the green line underneath and the red one overwhelmingly above it. It’s a great opportunity to explore Dubai while traveling by subway, and it’s the fastest way to get around because there’s a lot of traffic jams. If you have luggage, you should know that there are special wagons in which you can travel with suitcases. The metro is open from 6:00 to 23:00, and from 14:00 to 24:00 on Fridays.The modern city of Dubai

The best landmarks in Dubai

Trains in The modern city of Dubai Metro are fully automated and without drivers, but to enjoy the view from the first wagon, you must have a Nol Gold Card because these wagons are first class. That’s what the subway stations look like, usually walking a lot while getting to the train itself . There are many impressive buildings in Downtown Dubai, but certainly the most impressive is the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper, at 829 meters. Opened in 2010, the tower was originally meant to be called Burj Dubai, but the Emirate did not reach several million for the upgrading, respectively the Abu Dhabi Sheikh paid for the money and renamed the tower in his honor!

All the buildings around are tall and you can not realize the true height of the tower! Naturally, the tower is obligatory .  The platform from which The modern city of Dubai can be seen from above is located on the 124th floor (a total of 163 floors) and the view is definitely worth it! It is best to buy tickets in advance, come out a lot cheaper! A ticket purchased locally costs 400 dirhams, while the one on the Burj Khalifa site – 125 dirhams + 5 charges. Tickets are available for sale one month earlier, the most desirable hours are those around the sunset – then Dubai can be seen both light and bathed in lights.The modern city of Dubai

The entrance to the tower is located at LG level in Dubai Mall – one of the largest malls in the world. The building itself is not high, but it is very wide for which it is not very much available and taxis inside :-)! One can spend a whole day here, not even shopping. Apart from the shops of all the world famous brands, there are many restaurants and entertainment such as an ice rink, an aquarium, even a waterfall … The mall has a warm connection to the metro station / walks about 15 minutes /, and for the lazy ones there is bus F13, personally, I do not think that bus travel is faster, especially at peak hours! Do not miss to mention the wonderful show with music and light on the fountains at the Dubai Mall!The modern city of Dubai

The performances of the fountains are best observed by the 2 nd or 3-this floor of the mall, if you can make up for a table. Normally, it’s about writing . Madinat Jumeirah is also a beautiful place – canals, greenery, Arabian-style houses and views of one of the emblems of Dubai – Burj al-Arab. The complex can be best viewed from a boat or so called. abrays. The abrasion trip costs 75 dirhams and lasts for about half an hour, but it’s worth it – it’s really beautiful! Everyone has heard of artificially created islands around Dubai (I will save my opinion on the subject).

Because Dubai’s coastline is very big, and one day when it’s over, they will rely on tourism, the Emirates have figured out a way to increaThe modern city of Dubaise it by creating artificial islands at sea – Palm Jumeirah, a palm-shaped island , on its list are situated many hotels and luxury villas, on the top of the palm itself is the famous Atlantis Hotel. Access to the island can be done by taxi or by a monorail train. If from our hotel to Atlantis our taxi came out 15 dirhams, then the return on the train cost was 15 dirhams per person. But I liked it as an attraction!

The Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is located near the palm tree. Dubai Marina is also nearby – here The modern city of Dubaiyou can explore Dubai from the sea, tour the palm, ride a water taxi or just walk around. I do not find the food in the Dubai venues particularly expensive. Without drinking much where we sit, we eat at 60 – 80 leva, without alcohol consumption / in the restaurants where Arabic cuisine is not even beer, and I suppose it is the rest. So, instead of wine, with sea delicacies we drank fresh juice from avocado or mango.

Naturally in foodcords the malls can be eaten for much less money. To get an idea of ​​the prices in the restaurants you can use this site – there are pictures, menus and it is very useful! Just add that wherever we sat, besides the dishes we ordered, we were also required to carry Arabic cakes and various substitutes (of almonds, olives, etc.) until the food came.  We also found a favorite restaurant where, in the circumstances, we ate twice – Sadaf – a Persian restaurant in Dubai Marina. Here, besides traditional Arab cakes, we were given a bonus salad and soup. Everything was very tasty!

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