The most colorful places on the Adriatic coast

bosnia landmarks

Seal the unforgettable landscapes of the Bosnia

The most colorful places on the Adriatic coast, hidden on the shore for an exciting European trip. Our intriguing walk starts in Southeastern Europe, where the charming Bosna and Herzegovina is nestled in the Dinar Mountains. The country will impress you with its unique natural sights and warm Mediterranean climate. Among the cities that await you in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the town of Visegrad is distinguished by its beautiful beauty. The area is situated on hilly slopes and has become popular over the years, thanks to the novel by Ivo Andric – “The Bridge of the Drain”. Besides the river of the same name, Visegrad can also present its ancient buildings, national monuments and green hills.

During your holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina you have the wonderful opportunity to visit and its lively capital – Sarajevo. The largest city in the country is famous for its beautiful mosques, its many old neighborhoods and the authentic Turkish “Basharshia”. The magical atmosphere in Sarajevo will make you immerse yourself in the cultural diversity of the city, bringing together Catholicism, Judaism, Orthodoxy and Islam.


The most colorful places on the Adriatic coast,

Another place you can pay attention to while staying within the country is Mostar. Take a stroll through the central area and explore the popular “Old Bridge”. The remarkable facility symbolizes the ethnic tolerance and peaceful relations of the locals.

The first charging emotions that will come to you with a visit to the amazing Croatia will be the result of admirable natural scenery, medieval landscapes and beautiful, vast beaches! The treasures that this small country has in itself will amaze you with its dazzling charm and invite you to tour any possible Croatian place!

To begin your tour in the most colorful places, you can take the pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik as a starting point. The ancient city is nestled in the most southern part of Croatia, right at the end of Dubrovnik’s isthmus. The warm atmosphere of the town will welcome you with clear waters, bathers on the Adriatic coast and clean beaches suitable for a pleasant holiday and relaxation.

Plitvice Lakes

seal the unforgettable landscapes of the Plitvice Lakes

Like any other Croatian city, Dubrovnik has a number of sights that you should definitely visit. Among the most popular places you can reach are the main streets of Stradun, the Franciscan monastery, the Sponza Palace and the Pile Gate – the entrance to the ancient city of Dubrovnik. Take a look at the impressive Princely Palace, the Cathedral and the church “St. Vlas “.

And if you are fond of the exotic nature and want to enjoy plenty of beautiful plants, then visit the nearby Lokrum Island. The place is about 700 meters away in the water and preserves natural beauties, sunken deep silence and true tranquility. Make your visit to Dubrovnik even more exciting by climbing up to Sergi Hill. You can be sure that the view that will be revealed in front of you will really be worth it!

Your visit to Split can continue with the exploration of the remains of the palace of the majestic Roman Emperor Diocletian. The place is a world heritage and cultural heritage and will capture you with its ancient look and centuries-old history. We are certain that, as far as natural landmarks are concerned, the first amazing masterpiece you can think of are the lovely Plitvice Lakes! The place is a dream destination by many travelers who come to the national park to experience the enchanting energy of the sixteen karst lakes.

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