The most popular tourist destinations in Morocco

Find out which are the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco and their landmarks. Morocco is a country that brings together ancient history and oriental exotics. Morocco is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Africa. How to get to Morocco? Contrary to expectations, Morocco is very close to Europe. First you have to get to Spain. From Tarifa you get on a ferry. Just after 45 minutes of walking, you are already in Morocco.

The sights of Morocco

Morocco is a country that has preserved the authenticity of the Orient. Morocco combines noisy crowds, aromatic coffee and cultural attractions. From the first moment you realize that you have come to a unique place. Do you visit Morocco, you must visit its most popular tourist destinations – Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Meknes and Fes. The capital Rabat is a modern oriental city. During your visit to Rabat, you must visit the White Marble Mausoleum of Mohammed V, who led the Moroccans in the struggle for independence from France.

Morocco – Oriental beauties

Do not miss the unfinished tower of Hassan, one of Rabat’s symbols. Another landmark in Rabat is the Royal Palace, built in the 17th century. The palace is located in the fortified city, called by the local Kasbata. When visiting the Royal Palace in Rabat, check out the Moroccan Museum of Art and be sure to see Andalusian gardens. Another stop in our trip is the “white house” of Morocco – Casablanca.

Here you will find the largest mosque in Morocco and the third largest in the world – Hassan II Mosque. Do not miss the high 210 m minaret, which is visible from anywhere in the city. After visiting the mosque, continue the walk along the Cornish Coastal Boulevard. There is something for everyone – shops, restaurants, cafes and clubs. For cinemas, a mandatory stop is Rick Cafe from the Casablanca movie.

Marrakech is also one of the most visited tourist destinations. Like every city in Morocco, and there is an impressive mosque – mosque Kotubiya and minaret her rising to 70 meters. Lovers of noise and shoppers must visit the Medina (old town) because here you can buy the pure argan oil – elixir for hair and skin.

Those of you who prefer the silence can relax in the cool Menara Gardens and drink aromatic Moroccan coffee under the olive trees. Meknes is the former capital of Morocco and one of the old imperial cities.

The city is rich in sights, including the Mausoleum of Sultan Ismail, which is lined with Moroccan mosaic. The Mausoleum of Sultan Ismail. Do not miss to see the Dar Jahal Museum, full of local craftsmen from the past and present.

The most popular attractions in Meknes’s Palace, which boasts some of the most beautiful gardens in the world and the most spacious stables fits in just over 12 000 animals.

Walking to Fes is a Time Machine trip. The city has preserved the ancient spirit of Morocco. Perhaps that is why he has chosen to live the king of the country – Mohammed VI. The Royal Palace is one of the most impressive sights in Morocco. Although the Palace is not open for visits, you can look at it from outside.

Do not miss shooting in front of the gold-covered gates. The Old Town is home to the traditional Medina Market, where you can enjoy souvenirs for loved ones.

We also recommend visiting the Jewish Quarter, a symbol of the peaceful coexistence of religions.

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