Top five unforgettable balloon flights

Cappadocia Turkey

Turkey offers one of the best balloon flights

Top five unforgettable balloon flights that certainly can not be forgotten. In many places around the world you can fly with a balloon. Which, however, are the best, offering spectacular landscapes? From Myanmar to Tanzania – see 5 unforgettable balloon flights.

Have you ever dreamed of flying and leaning high up like an eagle? Enjoy the beauty of nature and some of the most famous landmarks in the world from a different angle? Experience an unforgettable experience that will not forget your whole life? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should definitely try a balloon flight.

Napa Valley USA

Balloon flight over the Napa Valley is a different experience

The idea of ​​a combination of breathtaking views and the joy of free “sailing” over the earth is both a bit frightening but also very exotic. Before embarking on such an adventure, however, see the best places where you can make your dream come true and fly a balloon in the sky.

Bagan Myanmar. Traveler and explorer Marco Polo himself describes Bagan as “one of the best views in the world”. Over 2000 ancient pagodas are located in the Bagan area.

They are beautiful, magnificent and magical. More fabulous would be this blend of natural green landscapes and ancient Buddhist beauty to see from the sky. Bubble flights over Bagan are made at sunrise and sunset, making the experience even more memorable and romantic.

Bagan Myanmar

Bagan as one of the best views in the world

Serengeti Tanzania. Balloon flight over Serengeti will give you a different view of the rich flora, fauna and ecosystem of the national park. An hour’s flight with a balloon over Serengeti will surely become a lifetime memory.

During the Serengeti Bubble Flight in Tanzania, you have the chance to see elephants, zebras, buffaloes, giraffes and “big cats” at a safe distance. In the period from May to July, one can enjoy the incredible annual migration of the Serengheni brutes to Masai Mara in Kenya.

Cappadocia Turkey. Turkey offers one of the best balloon flights in the world, which is great news given the fact that it is the closest destination to Bulgaria for a balloon flight from all five. In fact, the Cappadocia region is privileged with some of the most consistent and appropriate conditions for a balloon flight.

Luxor Egypt

Balloon flight over Luxor in Egypt

Winter in this Turkish region is softer, but the best time to enjoy the beauty and majesty of Cappadocia is the period from April to November.
Napa Valley USA. Balloon flight over the Napa Valley is a different experience that will give you the chance to enjoy California’s winegrowing area seen from above and complete the unforgettable gourmet lunch

experience with wine. The balloon flight over the Napa Valley reveals splendid views of the mountains and green valleys with vineyards. The right time for a balloon flight over Napa is summer, when tourists are also less.

Serengeti Tanzania

flight over Serengeti will give you a different view

Luxor Egypt. Thanks to the balloon flight over Luxor in Egypt, you will be able to see how the first sun rays shone the dark waters of the Nile. Some of Egypt’s most famous landmarks can be seen from the sky, thus even saving the great tourist flow.

Unfortunately, since 2009, there have been a number of widely-advertised accidents with a balloon over Luxor. Therefore, if you want to enjoy this ancient and compelling sight – book your flight with a balloon with an accredited travel company that takes the necessary precautions.

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